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Heaven in the Hamptons


East Hamptons, NY

Project Type

Full on Reno


3600 Sq Ft: 2 Living Rooms, Entry Way & Stairs, Kitchen, Dining Room, Lounge & Bay Window Nook, Main Bedroom & Ensuite Bath, Guest Room, Kids Room, 2 bathrooms

Before & After

This family of 3 reached out to us, excited about purchasing their vacation home in the East Hamptons. They were excited to get away from the city, relax near the beach, and have guests join them as well. They also planned to eventually list the home as a vacation rental to bring in a little more income. But at first glance, the house was outdated and full of builder grade materials from the early 2000s. It wasn’t ready for relaxing, guests, or weekend renters.

Problems to Address

The first problem that had to be addressed was to help this family feel relaxed in their vacation home, which for them, meant an uncluttered space that felt both custom and classic. As they told us, “We want it to feel like one of our grandmothers left the house to us.” With very little furniture and no built in storage, the home was a constant cluttered mess because there was nowhere to put anything away. Further, there were a number of problematic layouts that created challenges for furniture. The placement of the windows downstairs made it impossible to center the tv. And a set of glass french doors to the primary suite made the adjoining lounge area awkward.

Final Design

The final design included a grand and welcoming entrance. We added storage everywhere with custom drawers in one nook, built in credenza, and furniture full of drawers and cabinet space. We put the tv on tracks so that it could easily be moved to a central location for viewing and tucked out of the way at other times. Upstairs, we moved the primary bedroom doors to create more wallspace in the lounge and a larger ensuite. Finally, in preparation for the time when the family decided to list the house on vacation rental sites, we made sure to source durable furniture that could withstand lots of use, as well as sofas and chairs with removable and washable covers to easily clean up after guests. What started as a cluttered standard looking home is now truly heaven in the Hamptons.