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Everyone Deserves A House to call home

Everyone deserves access to the transformative power of interior design. Interior design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about creating environments that reflect your personality, enhance well-being, and promote comfort. It’s a universal right to live in spaces that inspire, soothe, and empower, and we are dedicated to making this aspiration accessible to all, regardless of background or budget. Through innovative approaches and a commitment to inclusivity, we strive to ensure that everyone can experience the joy of a thoughtfully designed space that truly feels like home.

Hand Creek Living Room — Interior Design Project in San Francisco Bay Area

Our Services

Turn key

Ready-to-live | Tailored | Seamless

Available for Bay Area residents

Imagine your home, where every meticulous detail is seamlessly handled for you, leaving you with nothing to do but roll your suitcase of clothes through the front door and instantly feel at home. We’ve curated a design tailored to your personal lifestyle, ensuring everything is perfectly in place. As you step inside, you’ll discover a fully designed space with completed renovations, meticulously arranged furniture and decor, captivating artwork gracing the walls, closets thoughtfully equipped with hangers, a kitchen stocked with knives in their designated drawer, and tastefully placed decor throughout. It’s an effortlessly stress-free transition, allowing you to feel instantly at home in your fully furnished, thoughtfully designed haven.

Design Build

Move-In-Ready | Curated | Stress-Free

Available for Bay Area residents

Envision your home, renovated and move-in ready, expertly designed, built, and installed by one cohesive team. Ariel Arts offers an all-in-one solution where your dream project effortlessly becomes a reality, overseen by our exceptional team of designers, architects, builders, and installation experts, all under one roof. From concept to completion, we ensure a seamless vision, top-notch craftsmanship, and efficient communication, all within your budget. Elevate your renovation journey with Ariel Arts, where your dream space effortlessly transforms into a captivating reality.


Uncomplicated | Personalized | Simple

Virtual (US & Ca) / In-Person for Bay Area

You’ve just stepped into your haven, a breath of fresh air for your space. We’ve worked closely with you to curate layouts, choose refined colors, arrange furniture, and incorporate elements that enhance your daily routine, ensuring your design exudes timeless elegance and unmatched uniqueness. The space is a highly curated reflection of your personality, offering a warm, inviting, and truly cozy atmosphere. The best part – we’re doing it gradually, one room at a time, so you can curate as you go without feeling overwhelmed.

Space Therapy™

Convenient | Instant | Easy

Virtual (US & Ca)

No more questioning what to do with your home – you’ve stumbled upon an effortless solution for creating a space that simply feels right. Think of it as a laid-back chat with a designer, all about infusing your place with an inviting, cozy vibe tailored to you. We’ll collaborate with you, making the most of what you already have, experimenting with colors, rearranging furniture, and adding personal touches to your decor. The result? Your space effortlessly reflects your unique style. With Space Therapy™, your home transforms into a comfortable and stylish retreat.

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