Ariel Magidson
Founder & CEO

Meet Ariel

Founder and CEO of Ariel Arts, Ariel Magidson brings a unique eye to the world of Interior Design. A Bay Area native who has studied behavioral sciences and its unique correlation to design. She has a BFA in Interior Architecture and Design from Academy of Art University. 

Her approach to design has earned her many top customers from fortune 500 companies across the US. Ariel has developed a highly personal understanding of universal design, a design that appeals to all people. She aspires to bridge the gap between art and design. Ariel designs to achieve emotional impact on each individual by using empathy as a guiding narrative to any space. She believes in creating spaces with a story and designing for the individual. 

Ariel is always looking at the bigger picture by considering all of the small details. She pushes boundaries with creative design. You can find Ariel walking through San Francisco each morning with a warm cappuccino in hand and creating art that represents all her findings.

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