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Our specialty lies in creating sustainable spaces that embody your individuality through casual interactions. With Ariel Arts, you’re not only enhancing your surroundings; you’re adopting a lifestyle that places importance on your daily routines, wellness, and sustainability, ultimately redefining your daily life within your own world.

Crane Office — Interior Design Project in San Francisco Bay Area


Our mission is simple yet powerful: to lead with sustainability in every design we create. We’re committed to reimagining spaces, enriching lives, and minimizing our environmental footprint through innovative and eco-conscious practices. Our designs don’t just inspire; they make a positive impact on our planet, one sustainable choice at a time.

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Timeless | Organic | Natural

This organic modern renovation project seamlessly melds the warmth of natural materials with sleek contemporary design.


Warm | Layered | Earthy

Transforming a large A-frame structure into a captivating space that seamlessly integrates exposed beams with an eclectic, organic mix of furniture.


Eclectic | Intimate | Creative

A home that exudes the vibrant and eclectic charm of an urban loft.


Serene | Harmonious | Natural

With its tranquil surroundings and thoughtfully curated interiors, this home embodies the perfect harmony between modern luxury and the serene charm.

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Ariel Magidson

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HK ElKhoudary

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Michaela Halpin

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Ibrahim ElKhoudary