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So you’ve got a great coffee table, console, or shelf… now what? Now, you can style them with your artwork, favorite decor, and maybe a few new items. Here are some of my favorite and easy-to-follow hacks for styling your surfaces!



Place similar items or colors in triangular shapes

Group multiple items in odd numbers

Coffee Tables

Create an organized simple look with no more than 3 colors and objects with varying height.

Use a tray to keep items to only what you need.


Go for a minimalist look with just a few items.

Credenzas and Consoles

If you like Simplicity, pick 3 objects to frame a piece of art. To go for some more fun, layer objects, small frames, and a mirror. And if you like a layered look, use multiple frames and pieces to bring it all together. 

Entryway Tables

With the entryway, it’s important to start by thinking about the function of the space before the style. What do you need to keep in your entryway – keys, shoes, mail? 

If your entryway doesn’t need storage, then you can focus on simple aesthetics. For high function needs, check out this hack for lots of storage options while also looking beautiful. You might also want to think about an open look or elegant simplicity.