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The Sunset Home


Green Pointe, MI

Project Type:



Living Room & Deck

The Sunset Home was a fresh start for a retired Haitian couple and their son with disabilities who lives with them. They moved across states to be closer to their grandchildren and planned to bring no furniture with them. The members of this family were true homebodies. They wanted their spaces to work for their quiet lifestyles and provide many opportunities to read, eat, and relax. Wanting to be comfortable and celebrate their culture, the couple was looking for artwork and brands that featured and were made by People of Color, especially those from Haiti.

Problems to Address

The new living room space had no clear layout and felt overwhelming. The dining room was completely unconnected, which meant that there was nowhere to eat in the living space. Aesthetically, the couple did not like the mustard-colored walls, the old fireplace, or the outdated millwork that lacked character. Finally, to accommodate wheelchair use and aging residents, the flooring needed to be replaced.

Final Design

The new living room and deck give plenty of cozy spaces for the couple and their son to enjoy quiet relaxed days at home. Many products were sourced from Haitian vendors to ensure the family truly felt at home. By adding a breakfast nook to the living room, they can eat in the main living space, easily joining the rest of the family. The outdoor deck is now an outdoor oasis, inspired by a spa experience. This space, as with all of our designs at Ariel Arts, prioritized function before aesthetics, ensuring that there was plenty of space for everyone to easily move around by foot and by wheelchair, and products were selected for their ease of cleaning and upkeep so that they would last for many years to come. Now our couple can truly enjoy their sunset years, relaxing in the Sunset Home.