Our House

Project Type: Residential
Project Size: 600 SqFt
Project Area: San Francisco, CA

About the project

We live a humble life, most of which takes place at home. A space that lends itself to relaxation, deep conversation, & rejuvenation. It’s important that we live in a home that reflects exactly how I encourage my clients to. Put function first, and aesthetics will follow. Creating a space with meaning tells our story, the one dearest to our hearts. 

This is the purest form of expression in a home. Living walls & comfortable window seating encourage time spent with loved ones and give us ultimate comfort. Together we created a space that will allow us to grow and change, just like life. An expanding dining table to allow for more guests. The long banquette functions as additional seating with storage underneath (it’s my favorite place to drink my morning coffee). The bedroom’s soft linen sheets & textured wallpaper bring warmth and a sense of calm to our busy lives. Each corner filled with art & plants connecting us back to our purest forms of joy. 

The kitchen is the heart of our home. It’s a perfect clash between our modern & traditional styles fused together. A true appreciation of design. We’re big cooks in a small space, so extra storage was a must! Double stacked upper cabinets allow us to have flexibility of where and how we store items. Matte black finishes come alive off the backsplash & encourage us to drink more water by adding in a filtered water system right by the sink (smaller faucet to the right of the main water supply). Hidden details like, organized storage and integrated lighting help us stay on top of our everyday life!

And, can we talk about that plant wall? Come on – it’s gorgeous! This is how we connect best to our natural environment during our everyday busy lives. It grounds us, and adds life to the condo. Combined throughout the space with custom & curated  artwork allows our minds to wonder and get lost in thought. This space is the ultimate small dwellers dream in any city – function, comfort, beauty, and who can forget style.

Welcome to our home.