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Light & Airy Meets Moody


Santa Maria, CA

Project Type:

2 Room Makeover


Living Room and Den

When this California couple reached out to us, they were fed up with their living room and den — they struggled to find a way to fill the large spaces and also keep it feeling cozy. The home was custom built in the 1980’s and hadn’t been renovated since. Luckily, the home was in excellent condition, but with a couple that loved light and air boho mixed with moody colors and Mexican art, the home was ready for some major updating. Both partners work from home and needed a space that could be flexible for work, cozy snuggling, and entertaining their large family.

Problems to Address

The living room and den were both large spaces that were difficult to make feel full and cozy. The couple tried many different pieces of large furniture to fill the space, but it never felt like snuggling was an option in the vast space. The den was a dark space without much lighting. With two people working from home but also needing space to entertain their large extended family, they needed flexible furniture that allowed for multiple uses and configurations.

Final Design

All of the furniture provides multiple uses depending on the needs. A console with ottomans gives a place to plugin and work at any time and extra seating when needed. The pop-up coffee table and blanket ladder provide extra storage. By selecting two sofas instead of a sectional, they can more easily rearrange the room when they need. The den is now a space that accommodates sports, poker, eating, pool, and entertaining of all kinds. The Mexican artwork celebrates this couple’s special connection to Mexico City – the city where they fell in love. The space now serves the lifestyle of the couple, filled with sustainable and local products, designed for functionality; Light & Airy Meets Moody.