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Hill House


Santa Cruz, CA

Project Type:

Completely Custom


Whole House Full Gut Rebuild

Nested in the idyllic Santa Cruz Mountains, our client purchased the outdated Hill House with a vision of a home away from home where he could relax and work from home on occasion. A single man, recently divorced, the client loved clean modern and masculine looking spaces. He was especially drawn to the incredible wrap-around porch but was unsure how to make it usable. So overwhelmed by the extent of the project, our client had basically avoided the space altogether.

Problems to Address

The list of problems to address with Hill House was lengthy. First, the pink exterior and the wood panelling interior all had to go. The open space had very limited storage and nowhere to keep his belongings. The main access to the house was in an inconvenient location, on the side of the kitchen. The space felt dated and dark. These problems all added up to our client struggling to feel at home in his own house.

Final Design

Hill House came down to the studs to create this beautiful oasis that looked brand new, provided tons of opportunities for entertaining, and also plenty of quiet space to work or relax. Accordion doors allowed our client to take full advantage of the large porch and gorgeous scenery in the summer while also having a partially enclosed porch to use in the winter. The front door was relocated to make it front and center in the space. Everything was made to be opened up for large gatherings with a kitchen designed for function while providing mini-oasis spots like private seating in the bedroom. The large artwork, masculine design with a mix of mid-century modern and industrial Hill House together to truly feel like our client’s home away from home.