Culver City Office

Project Type: Commercial Office
Project Size: 40,000 SqFt
Project Area: Culver City, CA

About the project

In the heart of Culver City was a dilapidated warehouse once used for fashion production, set design, and even movie studios. This space was converted most recently to an indoor-outdoor warehouse office experience. This project was a complete remodel from start to finish. Each element was customized for an experience that makes work enjoyable in an open environment. 

The space is an open campus concept split between 2 buildings with a courtyard connection for outdoor entertainment and even a dog run! We paired with local artists in the Culver City area to portray locality, and the natural environment around them. Vintage photographs married with beautiful truss mounted string art, large scale murals all reflect a fun & edgy side of the entertainment industry. 

Not only was this space designed with beauty in mind, but also function. Each individual desk is ergonomically set to move up and down, various work modes allow for:  private offices, libraries, large training rooms, and even fun lounge spaces to get a breather in. Wellness rooms & meditation spaces spread throughout to create rejuvenation and connection back to self while still at work. 

Can’t wait to get back to the office!