Arlington Renovation

Project Type: Residential Remodel 
Project Size: 600 SqFt
Project Area: Berkeley, CA

About the project

If you give a designer creative rein with a clear understanding of budget, you can’t fail. Our goal was to accent the Berkely vibe directly into their home in a mysterious uncanny way. The couple felt that they wanted bold moments, but in a somewhat understated way. Their home felt stark & unfinished to them. They wanted to bring fun touches to the design that accented their personality & also reflected the area they live in! 

This small but functional bathroom was designed without losing their cork of personality. He wanted a cool “ah-ha” moment when a guest opened up the bathroom in surprise and shock when seeing funky wallpaper inside. It’s almost as if you’d be transported to a different space in the home, but also get to enjoy your personal space with a quick freshen up. Together they let creativity roam free and gave so much room for interpretation. He was open to ideas & always wanted that emotional design response from a professional.