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A Bold New Take


Los Angeles, CA

Project Type

Room Makeover


Home Office

Before & After

A family of three plus fur babies was looking for a professional upgrade to their home office. The office needed to serve all members of the family—both parents using it to work from home at different times, a kid needing some homework space, paying bills, and also some serious Lego projects (that would be from dad not kid!). They needed a reading corner, help with organization, and a plant friendly room. Our client needed a professional backdrop for web calls, but especially wanted to be a risk taker. In other words, they were ready for a Bold New Take.

Problems to Address

Our clients were struggling to figure out how to layout the space with so many doors and windows. With cables everywhere, the room was one big tripping hazard. And the clients absolutely hated the drab carpeting. They hadn’t purchased any office furniture yet but needed to focus on investing in pieces that would work for the long term so that they could repurpose them when they moved one day.

Final Design

The Bold New Take is now a space that works for all their needs: both parents pay their household bills here, Mom works and hosts professional web meetings, Dad works and builds Lego, and their kiddo has a great spot to do homework. There’s extra seating, a lounging/reading corner and tons of additional open and hidden storage. We took some risks with the moody color and wainscoting on the walls — and they paid off! Now, with a beautiful area rug and focal points around the room, the carpeting our clients hated practically disappeared.