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Hey there! Ariel here again, back at you with another DIY! This time we partnered with Cabinet Now to really make this pipe dream a reality! 

A 14 ft x 11 ft massive millwork project

I had a dream of filling a massive 14′ wide x 11′ high empty wall with incredible millwork, but I honestly felt stuck on where & how to begin! It was a massive undertaking – but to be honest…Cabinet Now made that dream become a very real reality! Here’s our step-by-step guide of how we made this massive millwork wall – become something incredible. 

The Design Phase 

I had a vision doodled on my iPad (first picture from the left) & some detailed millwork drawings (second picture from the left) – but no clue how to actually build this beautiful wall. That’s when Cabinet Now came in! They offered to bring my vision into reality by getting even more detailed. A large flat packed box of supplies arrived (third picture from the left). Everything was labeled with what goes where & how to put it together. We began unboxing & putting our cabinets together step by step. 

Why Cabinet Now?

A few things led me to work with Cabinet Now! 

+ The Support I had from their team was phenomenal! If there was ever a question, they were there to answer it!

+ The Quality was beyond what I expected! Because this product is made from real wood & not MDF – the product is incredibly sturdy

+ It’s made in the USA I can go on & on about sustainability, but finding a company that supports local economies within the US was beyond what I expected! 

+ It’s Fast (we got this within 4 weeks)! You heard me – 4 weeks, yes – for CUSTOM cabinets! That’s unheard of! On top of that domestically made? I mean, it’s a win, win, win! 

+ A Little DIY for the non-professional, or the expert! As we put these cabinets together, no extra tools were neccessary! Wood glue & a drill is all you need. That can be done by anyone!

+ Trust Working with cabinet now built something I trust for myself & for my clients – and you too! I only recommend products we back & believe in! 

+ Priced Just Right If you know anything about cabinets, you know they are pricey! But Cabinet now made it easy & affordable for us to work with. It matched our budget to a T!  

The DO IT Phase

To be honest, I didn’t know I had it in me, but with a team of three of us – we really made this cabinet project a reality! 

Each cabinet frame sides into one another with simple glue! The cabinet box frames  you see (first picture on the left) are held by tongue and groove pieces that slide in together. There are NO SCREWS in that first pictures! It held together incredibly well & was so easy to put together! Everything fit like a glove.

As we built the large box frames (second picture from the left) I realized how big my vision got. Just as a scale reference – I’m 5’4 – look how small I look next to an 11′ high wall. This thing is BIG! The shelving boxes above the drawers are 8′ high; so I pulled in a few special people to help me! Shout out to my amazing Fiance, Hammam! Thanks Haytham & Hind for helping out on call when the two of us just couldn’t do it alone! Here’s the truth with a nice DIY project, DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP! When I say Cabinet Now has a fabulous support system, I mean it. They were there for me every step of the way with updates, quick tutorials, and trouble shooting as we needed it. Worth every second!

Now, you can see me looking ridiculous hiding out in one of the cabinets as we build in the backing for our drawers to screw in! This part was my favorite! All the details really count with this product & who said climbing into the cabinet can’t be one of them! 

Make it Standard – or go CUSTOM

Maybe I say this too much…but adding a little custom flare never hurt anyone!! This is why I absolutely LOVE this product!! You can go with the standard & feel like it’s custom, or you can go custom & add more customization to it! Am I right? 

Cabinet Now created a clever idea by adding standard 8′ high shelving on top of the lower cabinets that could sit on a countertop. Hammam sourced & cut archways from MDF to create a cover plate on top of the shelving for a more custom look. We then primed and painted everything in a custom blue from Sherwin Williams to match these Thin Shaker Thermal Fronts! 

By painting the shelves and cabinets the same navy blue everything feels bold, seamless, and very dramatic! The drawer fronts (first picture on the right). So there’s your healthy blend of custom and standard elements within the design. 

Come back soon for the final photos!

Like I said above, this DIY whether you’re an expert or just starting out is quite a bit of work – but WELL WORTH IT!! I can’t say this enough – but this shelving unit is a master piece on it’s own!

We’re busy staging furniture around this bad boy to get everything photo ready! You can come see this magical piece live & in person this upcoming spring! 


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