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Did you know that your space affects your mood and your overall well being? Interior design helps you think about your space not just as the place where you exist, but the space that can help you live the life you want for yourself. As a WELL Accredited Professional, I can tell you that there is science behind this phenomenon. We can design spaces to help you live a healthier and happier life. 

Here are a small few changes you can do to make a big difference in how you feel in your own space. Looking for more advice? Book a time with us! We’d love to help!

Clean Up the Clutter

A messy space makes us feel anxious and out of control. According to the Mayo Clinic, clutter raises anxiety, makes it more difficult to focus, and can cause trouble with sleep. One study even demonstrated that clutter undermines an individual’s psychological experience of home. In other words, clutter makes you feel less at home.

Clutter comes from having too many possessions and not having enough storage. Begin by sorting through the stuff and determining what can be donated, recycled, and tossed. Then, find more storage for yourself.

Rearranging Makes Your Happy

Does this sound too simple to be true? It is true! Rearranging your furniture and belongings lifts your mood. This happens because it helps you to feel productive, remember what you love about your space and possessions, and gives you the opportunity to make a space work for what you need and want. In fact, our brains are constantly assessing our space for safety. According to this research, “when we’re shifting and remaking our environment, it might not be merely because of some whim of our personality, but it may also be because we subconsciously understand that the room is not benefitting us the way it could be.”

Check out more ideas in: Easy Ways to Improve Your Mental Wellbeing at Home.

Something New

Consider adding a few new items to freshen the place up. This will help lift your mood like rearranging furniture and will also serve to improve your overall experience in the space. Look for new art for your walls. Find pieces and artists that you connect with. They won’t just look nice on your walls; they’ll also help your memory and serotonin levels because you’ll feel connected to them. 

While you’re hanging art, look for a wall mirror as well. This will make your space feel bigger and lighter. It also provides a great place for some daily affirmations! 

Bring Nature Inside

If you follow me on social media, you know I love house plants! We have them everywhere. That’s not just a personal preference. It’s also because I know the many health benefits plants bring to us. They clean the air we breathe and help to neutralize smells. They also provide a calming effect because they connect us back to nature. Even artificial plants and artwork of nature can help to provide that connection to nature. 

Color, Color, Color!

The colors you choose are so important. You can use a can of paint, some wallpaper, or well selected artwork to bring colors into your space that create the mood you desire. In general, warmer colors like red are good for spaces where you want high energy and high activity. Cooler colors like blues and greens make spaces feel calm and are good for relaxing. Neutral colors are known as “emotionless” colors because they leave a blank palette for feelings all while creating a sense of warmth of coziness. 

Need help figuring out colors? We have some color palettes ready to go for you. 

Are you ready to change up your space?

These are just a few of the great tips we have to get your started. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or like you need some help, it’s no problem! We are here for you. Check out our services and book a time. Our services are designed to work in any budget and at any stage. We’d love to help you at whatever stage you’re at right now!