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So you want that living room that’s perfect for you, right? We all want that space that feels just right when your walk in, makes you take a big breath and want to kick off your shoes and curl up on the sofa. But HOW to make it happen? 

Don’t worry. I got you. Use these design hacks to get the living room of your dreams made for you. 

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Start with the Area Rug

Here’s what I’ve been saying: Your area rug defines your room. Start with the rug that fits your space and then layout the furniture based on the size. Check out these layout hacks. 

Keep the rug in place with this rug tape hack. 

Some of Our Favorite Rugs:







Mount the TV

If you want to have that perfect Netflix and chill night, you’ve got to mount the tv where it’s going to look good on the wall and you’ll have an easy sightline.

The easiest way to hide your cables without an electrician. 

Get Your Pictures and Art on the Walls

Now that you have your TV where it needs to be, layout your pictures and art on the walls. There are so many ways to go. You can go layered, gallery, picture ledge, and more. 

Some of Our Favorite Places to Get Amazing Artwork ????





GOLDEN STATE ART (20% off all Frames with code ARIEL20 – exclusively for our clients!)

Hang them straight

This hanging kit keeps all your artwork straight!

Final Touch – Throw Pillows

Don’t forget the throw pillows! They make your room cozy and personal and add those final touches. Check out these hacks for layering your throw pillows. 

Find More Pillows and Throws

Here are some of our favorite pillows and throws on Amazon.