Bedroom? I just sleep in there. Who cares!

Exactly. You sleep in there. So who cares? YOU should care! Let’s make your bedroom feel like the cozy retreat it should be so you can relax and get that beauty sleep. Check out these hacks to design your bedroom of your dreams. Sleep tight!

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Area Rugs

Here’s what I really want you to know about your bedroom: an area rug will define the space. So find the size that works for you and go for it. 

Pro tip:

Hold your rugs down with corner grippers or carpet tape

Window Treatments

Window treatments will tie your room together and give you the privacy you need. Think about how much light you want (or don’t!) so you can get that good night’s sleep.

Add Art

Make it your own with your favorite pieces and hang them using these layouts. 

Hang them straight

This hanging kit keeps all your artwork straight!

Some of Our Favorite Places to Get Amazing Artwork ?





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Pillows! Make it comfy. Make it cute. What? I’m not obsessed with pillows! 

Find More Pillows and Throws

Here are some of our favorite pillows and throws on Amazon.