Summer is almost here and it’s time to get outside and enjoy fresh air! And this year it’s definitely time to make your outdoor space inviting and cozy. I don’t know about you, but last year we practically lived outdoors so we could actually see people during the pandemic. This summer, we’re ready to enjoy some great barbeques and cocktails (maybe some s’mores too; yumm!)

Get your outdoor space ready for guests or lounging in peace and quiet – whatever’s your jam.  

Boho with World Market

Imported and inspired from across the globe, World Market has pieces that will bring peace of mind and comfort. You might want to check out their international wine and food selection to enjoy outside, too! 

What I love about World Market…

I love their story! World Market brings a variety of products from around the world and yet it feels very personal. Like most companies, they have plenty of large-batch products, but they also have tons of small- batch products. Plus their products are fair trade. Social responsibility is sustainability. 

Modern and Scandinavian with Article

You can’t go wrong with the online-only furniture from Article! Get that gorgeous Scandinavian look outdoors this summer. Article is even better because they save you money by doing direct-to-customer business – no middle man! 

What I love about Article… 

They are total rebels breaking an industry standard of having to pay extraordinary prices. Their products are always high quality and well tested. They use high dense fiber and real wood. Plus, they have the most amazing customer support. AND they’ve figured out how to make it all cheaper by cutting out the cost of stores and middlemen. 

Sustainable with Target

Ariel, what? Target! Realy?! Okay, hear me out, people! If searched thoroughly, Target has some great finds and furniture made with FSC Wood. Here are a couple examples: 

What I love about Target… 

It’s for the everyday user. We’re not all millionaires; myself included! And the fact that they have sustainable products at prices for everyday people, that’s a win in my book.

Modern with CB2

The edgier sister company of Crate and Barrel (see below), everything is so cute at CB2! 

What I love about CB2… 

The look is really nice. They have very versatile lines – from low to high end, but ultimately they share the same look. So, you can really mix items, like a more expensive sofa with a cheaper table, and you know they’re going to go together while you stay on budget. 

Mid-Century Modern Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel will help you find that clean mid-century modern look you might be after. 

What I love about Crate and Barrel…

So cute and versatile. And they basically have really classic pieces that will last you a long time. You don’t have to worry about them going out of style quickly. Pro tip – check out their kids’ section where you can find some of the same pieces (like area rugs) at cheaper prices!