The DIY movement changed the world of design as we knew it. Seriously, it did! We have so many imaginative individuals creating all kinds of unique goods & sharing how to do it with the world. It’s really incredible to see! So what is the actual difference between DIY and the Experts?

DIY – Do It Yourself

The DIY movement was actually born in the 1970’s out of the punk movement! Musicians took a new approach to reach their audience rather than going the traditional route with large music labels. Bands on their own started recording their own music, producing merch, and even started the zine movement! It started as musicians & producers started sharing how zines, tshirts, posters, and books were actually made! And so, the DIY movement was born. It’s now much different – most of us think of DIY as thrifted items repurposed, or creative art projects that look expensive! Ultimately, it’s a pretty cool creative outlet.

So how did we get from music to a sub culture of DIY at home? The power of social media & global knowledge expanded, people started sharing with the world their creative process and then made money off of it! DIY means you learn while doing, a lot of mistakes can be made, and depending on the task – it can be risky! It’s fun & exciting, but what we really need to consider is function, longevity, and sustainability! 

If you’re making a headboard out of garden sticks from Home Depot, it might look great in a photo, and even good for the first few years – but ultimately, it’s probably not going to hold up – and it’s going to end up in the landfill. Sad truth, I know. Repurposing an existing headboard into something new is probably a better approach! You can make this piece last. I’ve seen a lot of DIY homes, and many of which come with hours of frustration and unexpected challenges along the way. With the DIY movement you’ll have more self control of the outcome, which is a huge perk! So let’s look at what the experts can offer! 

The Experts: 

Designers are trained professionals with degrees, real-life experience, and ultimately can offer you a less stressful project! Experts have industry connections & relationships that can actually save you money, time, and are more sustainable! Just like DIY’ers can repurpose items, so can we – just with much less stress on your end! You don’t have to worry about spray painting your entire garage, or buying extra fabric for a reupholstered sofa – let the experts handle that so you end up with a superior product. 

We offer a new insight into how things are done. We can offer real-life experience, rather than a trial & error project. Designers are more likely to offer you options you hadn’t considered before, we bring a different eye to most situations. As specialists we can get even better deals on materials, saving you in cost! 

By hiring a trained professional, you’re also hiring their experience. This isn’t our first rodeo – and we are here to offer our best advice! We realize it seems more expensive at first, but there are a lot of hidden unforeseen costs in the DIY movement, some you never even considered without an expert’s opinion. In the long run, your products or home items will last longer, be more sustainable for the environment, and over time probably cost less! 

At the end of the day, both are great options – but the truth is down to how much you want to pay now and in the future! It’s more likely a higher upfront cost for a professional, but you’ll have less routine maintenance costs down the line. While doing it yourself can save you money up front, there are many unforeseen costs, and you’ll probably be fixing, adding, or changing upon the original project for a long time! It can add tons of stress.