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If you’re like me, ready to ditch the light and bright for some bold dark comfort, then this post is for you. These design hacks are how I’ve helped my clients take a standard room and make it especially cozy for those of us who just feel a little better in moody darker spaces. 



When it comes to creating moody spaces, of course the color matters! But there’s more to it than just painting the walls black. Find a palette the works for your overall design using the 60:30:10 rule: 60% Dominant; 30% Secondary; and 10% Accent.

And remember: don’t let yourself get too nervous; moody spaces usually mean being brave and going bold

Design Steps

To make the room your own, start from the base and build up. Here’s how I designed one moody bedroom. First, we started with the base color (Goodnight Moon from Clare in this case), Then we added lighter color furniture to fill the space and really showcase the wall. Finally, we added artwork and decor to finish the space off. 

Check out the real final moody blue bedroom on TikTok

My Moody Living Room

I love that moody feel so much, I renovated my living room to get that dark minimalist feel. Incorporating Mediterranean inspiration, we painted the walls with sustainable lime wash in a deep black color.