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Okay, please listen. Get an area rug for your room. Get an area rug for most of your rooms. Area rugs define the room. They’re so necessary!

I know, I know. You’re worried about how to pick the right rug and lay it out. Don’t worry. I got you. 

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Area Rugs for Your Living Room

Pick a size that fits your space. Make sure it’s not wall to wall. Then, layout your furniture based on the size of your area rug.  

Dining Room 

Take a look at the layouts below and you’ll see that your area rug should basically match the size of your dining table with the chairs. 


You want the area rug to extend a minimum of 18 inches on either side of the bed. Show the existing floor below the rug, so make sure it’s not wall to wall. This will make the room feel bigger. 

Mix Rugs

Get brave. You can do it. Really!  Check out these hacks and ideas for mixing area rugs. 

Some of Our Favorite Rugs:

Of course we love the sustainable rugs the most. For beautiful sustainable area rugs, check out REVIVAL RUGSRUGGABLE, and MADE TRADE .

Of course we have some more favorites. Gorgeous finds at LULU & GEORIA, RUGS USA, and POLY & BARK

Pro tip:

Hold your rugs down with corner grippers or carpet tape